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Andy Martin says Barack Obama is lying about Obama's childhood ties to Islam

Andy Martin says Barack Obama's "Fight the Smears" web site is an attempt to propagate smears and disinformation. Martin relies on an Obama interview with Nick Kristof of the New York Times to confirm that Obama was a Muslim up to the age of 10.

NEW YORK news conference: "Barack Obama was a Muslim: Part II"
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(NEW YORK)(June 16, 2008) Legendary Chicago Internet columnist and Obama author Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference Monday, June 16th to charge that Barack Obama is "smearing the truth" about Obama's childhood religion. Martin will challenge Obama to sue Martin for defamation.

Martin's book, Obama: The Man Behind the Mask, is now in pre-publication sales and goes to the printer June 18th. See

Martin is universally credited with first exposing Obama's Muslim heritage in 2004. Andy has been attacked as the mastermind of a vast "right-wing smear machine," a charge he vehemently denies and for which there is no proof.

"Barry Obama flatly denies that he was ever a Muslim," Martin will state. That is simply not true."

"I challenge Senator Obama to sue me for defamation if he truly wants to perpetuate the myth that he had no ties to the Muslim religion. I will waive all of the traditional First Amendment defenses ("Public figure," "actual malice," etc.) and will interpose only one defense in support of my claims: truth," Martin will state at his news conference.

Martin, a former CUNY adjunct professor of law, says Obama is lying to the American people. "Obama has concocted this 'Fight the Smears' web site to propagate propaganda and false information. It is one of the most cynical ploys in American political history.

"Frankly, in opposition to every mainstream media, I think the 'Smears' site will prove to be a disaster for Obama.

"Already an Israeli internet magazine has produced a purported article—which I have been unable to verify at the Jerusalem Post—claiming that Obama's brother says his brother was a Muslim and that Obama comes from a Muslim family:

Malik Obama confirms his half-brother Barack grew up a Muslim

Is Barack Obama a Muslim wolf in Christian wool?

"But an earlier article by the highly-respected New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof says more to me and, I believe, most common sense, clear-thinking adults: Obama admitted to Kristof that Obama was in 'Koran study classes.' More critically, forty years later, i.e. almost forty years after leaving Jakarta, 'Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent.'

"Where did Mr. Obama learn to pray in Arabic, and develop a 'first rate [Arabic] accent?' At the Nation of Islam in Chicago? Or in Jakarta where he was a Muslim student for sure?

"I am reminded that some Jesuit Catholic priests say 'give us a boy until he is 7, and we have him for life.'

"Forty years later, Obama retained a 'first-rate accent' in Arabic and could recite a Muslim prayer. They had some pretty good religious teachers in Jakarta. And Obama was not a Muslim during his childhood? The Muslims had Obama until he was 9 or 10. They beat the Catholic test.

"Once more I want to stress two principles that I have stated so often:

"First, I do not question that Obama is a Christian today. But Obama has always tried to obscure his childhood religion by thumping his chest about his current religion. Christianity is an open religion, he was free to join, and he did. I have always accepted that principle.

"Second the issue is not whether Obama was a Muslim until he left Jakarta around the age of 10. The evidence is overwhelming that he was; that evidence was best extracted by Nick Kristof.

"The issue is that Obama blatantly lies and tries to reinvent his past, because he is afraid of retaliation for his childhood religion. I think he would get more votes if he told the truth, certainly more than he is going to lose by telling a lie. Muslims vote too. The issue, therefore, is not 'religion' in fact, but his relentless pursuit of propaganda and disinformation to obscure what that religion was up to the age of 10.

"Obama was never much of a lawyer, and he never tried a lawsuit in court, but even from his Harvard student books he should have learned that dissembling and evasion are crucial to credibility. When Obama lies about the truth, the fact that he is willing to lie is a critical aspect of his character.

"Obama's entire 'Fight the Smears' web site is itself a smear of Islam, and a smear of the truth. Obama uses his 'defense' of smears to propagate smears, and to produce relentless lies and disinformation. It is on that basis that I challenge him and his fitness to sit in the Oval Office.

"I also challenge Obama to sue me for defamation concerning my claims about his religion. The only defense I will offer is 'truth.' I don’t care what religion his mom and dad and step dad chose for him; I do care that he lies about those objective truths and facts, and continues to do so brazenly and blatantly. No one can read Kristof's 2007 column and come away believing Obama's lies. He studied the Koran, and he still speaks Koranic Arabic with a 'first-rate accent.' How many non-Muslims can recite Islamic prayers the way Obama can?

"Contrary to what Obama claims, this Internet author is
propagating the truth about Obama's religious past, not 'smears' and not 'lies.' I have no interest in publishing false information. Obama is the liar, plain and simple. Stop it Barry. Or sue me."

Andy is the author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Details on Martin’s book can be found at Advance orders from Orange State Press. Available everywhere in days. Because of the overwhelming pre-publication demand, orders will be filled by date of order.


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Andy Martin says Barack Obama is lying about his Muslim childhood religion


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Chicago Author, Internet journalist, radio talk show host and broadcaster, and media critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin covers regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. Andy is the author of Obama: The Man behind the Mask, being published in June, 2008, see He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. Columns also posted at;

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Let Non Arab - Muslims Live! said...

The Issues we have with the Muslim world - What Obama won't mention

* Teaching that non-Muslims are non humans, such as Christians are "pigs" and Jews are "apes".

* Sharia law (implementation) horrors, including oppression of women.

* Honor killings epidemic.

* Playing "victim" while being the aggressor, such as the Arab "Palestinians", Taliban, etc.

* The genocide campaign by Islamists (like Hezbollah, Palestine - Hamas, Ahmadinejad) on Israel / Jews.

* Persecution, oppression of and apartheid against all non Muslims in the Islamic world (including in S. Arabia, Palestinian Hamas, etc.).

* Persecution, oppression of and apartheid against all non-Arabs in the Arab world, especially of native Egyptians (Nubians), Kurds, Copts, Assyrians, Berbers (native N. Africans), Jews (not just inside Israel), Africans (Africans living in Arab countries and the racist slavery in Sudan, Mauritania... genocide in Darfur).

* The wide justification of Islamic violence all over the world.

* Squeezing the world economy by power of oil prices (OPEC).

* From the 22 Arab countries so far, all range from totalitarianism to corruption, not even one has managed to be real free, equal and democratic.

* The global Islamic radical campaign to dominate the world - untamed by "moderate" Muslims.